"Lesbians can have the best relationships on the planet." ~ Ruth Leah Schwartz

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Waylon w/Ruth Leah Schwartz on Conscious Relationships. {Part 1}

Let’s talk about (lesbian and other) relationships, communication, U-hauls and island living with Waylon Lewis and Ruth Leah Schwartz.

She’ll be back soon for part two and we’ll talk sex, and…can we actually grow up and change or are our brains stuck, solid?

"I'm biased, but I believe lesbians can have the best relationships on the planet because we can go so deep. We can bond so deeply, have so much emotional intimacy. And I think lesbian relationships require more skill for those exact reasons." ~ Ruth Leah Schwartz


Walk the Talk Show presents: Waylon Lewis with Ruth L. Schwartz, Ph.D as they explore the themes of the spiritual challenges of intimate relationships, as well as dating and love as a spiritual practice—with a focus on lesbian relationships. 

Ruth L. Schwartz, Ph.D., is an internationally known teacher and coach specializing in conscious lesbian dating, relationships and sexuality. She is the director of the Conscious Girlfriend Academy, an international online school empowering women who love women, and the author of the LGBTQ bestseller Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love, as well as seven other books. Like most healers, Ruth emerged from a troubled childhood, and seeks to create ways of living and loving on this difficult planet that she never experienced as a kid. A proud member of the LGBTQ community for over 40 years, she describes herself as a student of the mystery. She has taught at eight colleges and universities, including Ashland University, Mills College, Goddard College and California State University-Fresno.