How can we be of benefit...if we're caught up in our own busyness?

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Join Waylon Lewis for a *live* event this October 27th.

Want to write? Writing a book or completing a project? Join us for a Novel Writing Workshop with best-selling indie author Waylon H. Lewis in honor of NaNoWriMo—National Novel Writing Month.

The topic? 👉🏽 How to (actually) Write a Book in (maybe) 30 Days, this NaNoWriMo.

The price? 👉🏽 Pay what you can. We're offering this workshop on a sliding fee scale so that everyone can participate.

Date/Time 👉🏽 October 27th, 2023 @ 11 a.m. Mountain Time. Need help converting? Check out World Time Buddy.

The world is in a rush. Always busy, busy, busy...rushing from one thing to the next.

If we don’t allow ourselves time to rest or process our lives, how can we expect to write a book that is coming out of something more than speediness—how can we hope to be of benefit?

If we’re caught up in our own busy-ness, how can our voice ring true?


These take more than arbitrary deadlines.

To write clearly we have to set a helpful intention.

Let Waylon H. Lewis, author of two best-selling books, walk you through the process of finding your voice, writing your book through serialization, and publishing it independently to an already-avid community.

You won't finish in 30 days. But you will walk away with more than a book. You'll have written your way along the path of your own, unique right livelihood.

What's included:
👉🏽 60-minute live community workshop session with Waylon and the international Elephant community.
👉🏽 Event replay if you absolutely can't make it live, or want to revisit the class.
💲Information about our exclusive novel-writing, money-saving bundle of self-paced courses: "How to Write, Publish, & Sell the Hell out of your Book: the bundle" for any aspiring writer wanting to get your work out into the world.