Everything that happens in our lives is available to teach us if we only regard it openly. ~ Waylon Lewis

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A story.

I just had a kind of intense experience and thought I would, as I am wont to do, being Buddhist, use that as grist for the mill. Everything that happens in our lives is teaching us, or available to teach us, if we only regard it openly and with some curiosity, some sense of accountability, but also some sense of clarity.

We don’t have to create drama; we don’t have to be mean to people, even if we disagree.

At this point, being rude to each other is kind of common.

I think we can all give each other a chance and treat each other like fellow human beings. The basic Buddhist lesson is if someone’s rude to you, try to have some empathy for where they’re coming from, but also stay grounded in your kindness. Don’t give the rudeness back. We don’t need to suffer fools gladly—but we can offer others the respect and kindness they deserve as a human being—if only once.

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