Vegan 101 w/ Stefanie Stevens of Life, Veganized & Elephant's Waylon Lewis.

Waylon talks with Stefanie Stevens, founder of Life, Veganized, about transitioning to veganism—and why we might want to make that transition.⁠ Listen as they cover veganism 101, the reason to be vegan not just vegetarian, making a living as a vegan influencer, and some talk about great vegan brands to try.

"Going vegan can be intimidating. But it's a wall of fire—step through & it fast becomes easy, healthy, yummy—& full of love." ~ Waylon Lewis⁠

Stefanie's story began early in her life:

Waylon: Life, Veganized. Why, of all the things you could do, did you start an Instagram account about veganism?

Stefanie: I've been vegan since I was a teenager. I went vegetarian at 15, then vegan at 16.

Waylon: Wow. And you know the usual question: what inspired it?

Stefanie: Ever since I was little, I knew that there would be a time where I didn't eat animals. I knew I would always be vegetarian. I grew up in like small farm town in Ohio eating all types of animals and just knew one day that I didn't want to do that anymore.

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