Waylon Lewis w/Melanie Sue Hicks on Trauma, Travel as Service, & her book “Incongruent."

Waylon talks with author Melanie Sue about trauma, travel as service, and how one helped her heal the other. She discusses it fully in her book, Incongruent: Travel, Trauma, Transformation.

Melanie is a longtime supporter of Elephant. Read an excerpt of Incongruent here, on Elephant Journal.

Waylon: "So, you're telling the story of the travel, but how does trauma figure into that?"

Melanie: "Each stop, each village along the track, harkens back to some sort of life story of mine. Some of them were traumatic, and it was a way to heal from trauma—travel experiences and what life lessons they taught me. I've been traveling and doing service work for 20 years, maybe more like 30. So I had all these amazing stories to choose from, and I chose the ones that seem to naturally fall in line with something from the village or trek."