On the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder: Reggie Hubbard w/Waylon Lewis on Racism in America, Spiritual Activism, & Dumb Questions.

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On the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder: Yogi & Peace Activist Reggie Hubbard has a message for ALL of us. 🙏🏾

Waylon talks with yogi and peace activist Reggie Hubbard.

Despite some internet connectivity issues, they dig into issues around police brutality, challenges facing people of color, privilege. Reggie shares an invite to this Thursday’s (free, and open to all) virtual sangha hosted by three black male teachers at Kripalu, in honor of those lost to violence on May 25, the National Day of Remembrance for George Floyd.

Stay tuned: they’ll continue the conversation at a later date.

"People get caught in the shame cycle. They don’t have the words, so they draw back and then they wanna pretend like it’s not there. And then when they pretend like it’s not there, it just perpetuates harm.

I’m glad that we’re having this conversation across  racial lines, or whatever, because I’m here for you. You’re here for me. And the myth of separation that we have just because our skin color is different is perpetuating tremendous suffering in our nation because if I don’t feel safe around you, and you don’t feel safe around me, then we’re stuck at an impasse. But if we become more vulnerable, and if I’m willing to share from my experience, and you’re willing to hear with an open heart and a clear mind, there’s a lot of stuff that can happen there.” ~ Reggie Hubbard

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